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Also known by the name amateur radio, HAM radio which is a good combination that brings communication, electronics and people together. It could help people to remain connected across the world and even in space. However, what makes HAM radios so unique is the fact that it can work without internet or even mobile phones. While it could be a great way to socialize, get education and information, it also could be a great lifeline in terms of emergency when all other forms of communications could have failed or could be partially functional. Over the next few lines we will try and find out as to how this old and time tested device works.


The World Of Two-Way Conversations


Though HAM radio has the capability of broadcasting in all directions, the radios are not used the same way as they are in a radio station. In a conventional radio, with FM and AM waves, the broadcast is made by one person who could be a jockey and there could be thousands or even millions of people who would be listening to it. However, this is not the case as far as HAM radios are concerned. This is basically a world of two way conversations. It could be between two individuals or between groups of closed individuals. This could be in the form of informal roundtable. These groups could be located in the same city, town, country, state or could be located in some other continent of the world. This would depend on the frequency and the time of the day.


How Do They Start


Most hams get started with the help of their VHF FM. They make use of the hand held trans-receivers which are battery operated. They have the capability of receiving in one frequency and transmit in some other frequency. They also use a technology known as FM repeaters and these are supported and set up with the help of local radio clubs. They generally borrow antenna space from the owners of TV station towers. Many of these could be located atop hills and even mountains apart from high rise buildings. This helps to receive such signals and transmit them to a wider area.


How Does FM Repeater Work


The FM Repeater is capable of receiving one signal at a time and once this is done it rebroadcasts it to quite a few networks. This is done with the help of large chunks of power which are measured in watts. This power required is much more when compared to conventional hand-held radios. This helps in covering a few miles and it can also be extended to hundreds of miles if needed.


These repeaters make use of common transmits and receive frequencies in pairs. These frequency pairs that are made us of are generally assigned to groups. Such assignment is not rigid and is done informally. This is done to ensure that the frequency pairs are reasonable distance away from another repeater. This certainly would go a long way in preventing interference.


This is just the basic information about the way in which ham radios work. The best way to know more about it is to spend some more quality time knowing the intricacies of these devices especially in emergencies and in times of natural calamities.



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